Gingerbread Castle--The Siege of Minas Tirith

Christmas 2004

Begin the slide show

  1. Aerial view--the Siege of Minas Tirith
  2. Close-up of orcs attacking Minas Tirith
  3. Trolls pushing siege tower
  4. Orcs breaching the gate with battering ram
  5. Defense of Minas Tirith
  6. Riders of Rohan to the rescue!
  7. The flag-bearer and the horn-blower
  8. Orcs and Riders of Rohan clash
  9. Arrival of the Mumakil
  10. Mumakil Troops
  11. Eowyn challenging the Witch King
  12. The plunge of Lord Denethor
  13. Another view of the entire battlefield
View the Fall of Minas Tirith

View the Making of the Gingerbread Siege