Gluing the castle together

Instead of using traditional white frostings to glue gingerbread pieces together, we used caramel.

The reason is because white frosting takes half an hour to dry, and you have to hold the pieces while the frosting sets. Since we have many pieces, this could literally take days!!

So I basically pour sugar into a pan, and heated it till it caramelized. Then, quickly before it cools, we dip the gingerbread pieces in the caramel and glue them together. As soon as the caramel cooled off (which only took seconds), it hardened. No waiting. We did have to reheat the caramel in the pan quite a few times though.

We finished gluing the entire castle in mere minutes. Quite anti-climatic, actually.

The only bad thing about caramel is that it is fairly dangerous. Hot caramel looks harmless, but if it gets on your hand, it'll burn your skin badly. Kids, if you are reading this, do not try this at home, use white frostings.

Manto awaits eagerly because she gets to eat left-over gingerbread pieces. That and she doesn't understand why we're lavishing lots of attention on an inanimate table as opposed to her.